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[Bad End RE4/DMC AU] Plagas are lower-level demons and Leon didn’t quite get all of his out during the removal process. What’s a guy to do now that he’s stuck between two worlds? Befriend another guy that’s just like him, in dual nature and bad jokes.


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02 NOV 1967 — The twins are born.

• Born during a solar eclipse.

02 NOV 1975 — The twins turn eight. (8)

• Amulets are gifted to the twins.
• Dante and Vergil are orphaned.
• Dante develops amnesia from these events, believes himself to be a human by the name of Tony Redgrave.

27 JUL 1977 — Leon is born.

XX MONTH 1982 — Events of Gilver Arch. (16)

• Loses his mentor, father figre, and first real crush.
• Realizes who he actually is and resumes going by his birthname, Dante.

XX MONTH 1985 — Events of DMC3 prequel manga. (18)

• The twins couple and Nero is concieved

XX MONTH 1986 — Nero is born and left in Fortuna.

XX MONTH 1986 — Events of DMC3. (19)

• Dante’s demon is awoken.
• Dante befriends Lady.
• Chasing power, Vergil decends into hell.

XX MONTH 1986 — Leon is orphaned (adjustable). (9)

XX MONTH 1995 — Events DMC1 (D:28)

• Dante presumably kills what’s left of a enslaved Vergil
• Becomes friends with Trish.

XX MONTH 1996 — Events anime (D:29)

• Devistated from presumtually killing his brother, Dante enters an extreme despressive episode.
• Would have been much worse if it were not for his newfound friends.

XX SEP 1998 — Events of RE2 (L:22 )

XX AUG 1998 — Blackmailed into Government Work (L:22)

• Major Krauser oversees his training and progress.
• Krauser becomes Leon’s first mlm relationship.

XX MONTH 2001 — DMC2 (D:34)

• Ends up in Hell.

WINTER 2002 — Events of Operation Javier (L:25)

• First live field operation.

AUTUMN 2004 — Events of RE4 (L:27)

• Infected while taken captive out in the field.
• Unique situation of events result in the parasitic entity merging with him. The entity, heavily crippled by a removal attempt, assimilates with him to avoid death. All parties assumed it’s removed because of this.
• Quarantined for a few weeks due to the events. Because the entity is crippled and unnourished, it goes into torpor. No changes are made to Leon’s body that flag medical exams.
• Approved for field work again. Encountering/putting down multiple infected humans awakens the hibernating entity within him. Nourished by infected human essence, changes are slowly made and noticed. 

XX SPRING 2005 — AU starts here (probably?) (L: 27/ D:38)

• Demonic urges begin to manifest as his body is slowly converted. Fearing for the worst, he begins isolating himself when the worst instincts bubble to the surface. 
•Tipped off and contracted, Dante investigates a lead that brings him in contact with an isolating Leon. Realizing what is happening, Dante aids the younger’s through his symptoms. They become friends after that.
• [post: Acoustic Signals]

SUMMER 2005 — Nero’s Devil Bringer manifests (N:19)

SUMMER 2005 — Events of DMC4 here (D:38)

• Dante becomes aware of kin.

XX NOV 2005 — Hardiville Airport event (L:28 / D:28 / N:19)

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XX MONTH 2006 — Infinite Darkness mini-series  (L:28 D:39)

• Leon is shaken up seeing Jason being used as a personal inhuman attack dog. Both through human ephathy that someone would stoop so low, and also as a possible fate for him, should his inhuman nature be found out
• Carries the burden that he was not able to pay Dante’s kindness forward, ultimately “failing” someone like him.
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XX MONTH 2007 — (L:29 / D:40 / N:21)

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XX MONTH 2011 — Events of DMC5 (D:44)

• So much where to fucking start
•  Dante and Vergil leave for Hell.

XX MONTH 2012 — Leon starts working with Rebecca (L:35)

• With Dante gone and Nero traveling, Leon’s demon becomes more unrully. Attempts to handle it by himself are mediocre at best.
• Fearing eventually discovery and containment, he eventually makes contact with Rebecca.
•  Through the cordinated effort between Hunnigan and Rebecca, Leon is afforded more time off between field opps to “cool down”.
•  This also applies to other demon phenominons such as heat and growth periods.

XX MONTH 2013 — Events of RE6 (L:36)

• Because of Leon working with Rebecca, Piers is able to be brought in and quarentinted. Progress is made with his recovery and adaptation.

XX MONTH 2014 — Events of Vendetta (L:37)

• The loneliness of from not being apart of the Sparda’s pack and general trauma of his dayjob culimates into an extreme mentalbreak.

XX MONTH 2015 — The Twins return from Hell (L:38)

• With his friend, partner, and social support restored, Leon starts bouncing back..
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XX MONTH 2015 — Events of Death Island (L:38)

•  [post: Blood Sharing]


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