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[Bad End RE4/DMC AU] Plagas are lower-level demons and Leon didn’t quite get all of his out during the removal process. What’s a guy to do now that he’s stuck between two worlds? Befriend another guy that’s just like him, in dual nature and bad jokes.


[02/10] All art moved, including art that hadn't been posted! Cleaning some of it up as it's been a while but enjoy.

Adjusted to the new job and ready to draw! Working on something now :)


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2.15 Jets Don’t Work
based on: [this screencap]

2.1 Seeing Oneself
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2.15 OMAKE: Night Sluts
based on: [this tumblr conversation]

2.1 Take Care Of You
Depending on the species, demons may often engage in play with their kin, teaching and reinforcing hunting and socialization behaviours. Older kin may let the younger “win” or “practice dominance” to encourage confidence.

2.05 OMAKE: That Was Your Uncle, Sorry
redraw of: [this meme]

1.3 Toxic Narcotic
Like dolphins, some demons may go out of their way to partake in these toxic effects. It is ironic that the defense mechanism evolved to protect both creatures, becomes to reason they are targeted.

1.25 OMAKE: Behind The Scenes
redraw of: [wtrc behind the scenes photo]

✨ Happy RE4R Day!  ✨

A friend—@ossidae-passeridae!—pointed out how familiar elements of Leon’s Villian and Romantic skins were.

1.2 Acoustic Signals
However, all immature stages were believed to be mute. We confirm that larvae and recently formed pupae are mute, yet once they are sclerotized, the pupae possess a fully functioning stridulatory organ.
sounds being emitted: [x]

1.15 OMAKE: Any Huge Monster and Me
redraw of: [this meme]

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